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About Us

What are Hama Beads?

Hama Beads are small, hollow, melt-together beads that can be used to create wonderful designs and beautiful artwork.

They come in three different size ranges, Midi, Mini and Maxi, and can be enjoyed by all ages, abilities and genders. They are easy to use and can be beneficial in a number of ways.

Hama Beads may appear as a children’s craft activity first and foremost, but there are many adult bead artists who use Hama Beads to make impressive pieces of art, and may even be commissioned to do so.

They are similar to Perler Beads, Artkal Beads, Nabbi Beads, Pyssla Beads and Aquabeads, and there are more than 50 colours across the Hama Beads range.

Hama Beads are often gifted to loved ones, or used decoratively. They make fantastic coasters, keyrings and fridge magnets. We hear of parents and grandparents all over the world who still keep Hama Beads that were made for them decades ago!

Would you believe Hama Beads were invented 50 years ago by a Danish company that manufactured plastic straws?

They are now the leading brand of melt-together beads in the world.

Our service

We are, a limited company based in the UK, selling solely Hama products.

Our website launched in 2000, but we have been selling Hama Beads for more than 30 years. has since expanded, and now offers every colour available, as well as a huge range of Hama products at competitive prices to customers all over the world.

We also supply a large number of schools and hospitals.

Our dedicated team prides itself on great customer service, particularly when it comes to the speed in which orders are processed and dispatched. There is more information about this on our delivery page.

We LOVE to see what you’ve been creating with Hama Beads. Please do get in touch with us on social media by sharing photos with us and tagging us in your designs. You may even be featured as our Design Of The Week on our website!

If you have a question or problem, just contact us and we’ll get back to you right away.

Safety information

Hama products are recommended for ages 3+.

All Hama products bear the CE Mark, which means they are covered by the Safety of Toy Directive 2009 required by law for toys sold in the UK and on the European market. The mark ensures that children in particular will not be exposed to any harm by the product.

Tests have been carried out by an independent laboratory on behalf of the Hama manufacturers to investigate whether ironing Hama Beads releases any chemical emissions. The tests concluded that it is not unhealthy to inhale air or to stay in rooms where the beads and pegboards are being ironed.

Read the laboratory report here.

In the event that a Hama Bead is swallowed, it is most likely to pass through without issue. However, if you have any concerns, please seek medical advice.

Materials & recycling

Hama Beads are made out of polyethylene and Hama Pegboards are made out of polystyrene. These plastics are of food packaging grade quality.

Both Hama Beads and Hama Pegboards can be recycled with normal household plastic waste.