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Benefits of using Hama Beads

When we use Hama Beads, both sides of our brains are in action at the same time. It is both a logical and creative activity, and therefore fantastic for the developing mind.

However, there are many other reasons why Hama Beads are a wonderful activity to encourage.

Hama Beads help children develop

For young children, Hama Beads are a learning tool, which is not true of all toys.

Little ones begin to control their fingers and train their hand-eye coordination as they move Hama Beads the correct way to be inserted on to a pegboard.

As children develop, Hama Beads will help them learn to count, match colours and recognise geometric shapes. It will also stimulate their imagination and continue to improve their motor skills.

Hama Beads are all-inclusive

Everyone is welcome to play with Hama Beads. It does not matter your age or gender, whether you’re on your own or whether you’re in a group. It doesn’t even matter whether you’ve used Hama Beads before or whether you think you’re any good at art.

We’ve seen grandmothers using Hama Beads alongside their grandchildren. We’ve seen classes of schoolchildren making designs together. And we’ve seen incredible portraits of famous icons created by bead artists using Hama Beads.

Grown-ups love Hama Beads too!

We did a survey in 2017 asking who our customers buy Hama Beads for. The results came in, with a whopping 65% of the respondents saying themselves! Just 44% said they buy Hama Beads for their own children.

Other answers included ordering on behalf of family members and friends – including children of – ordering supplies for clubs, such as out of school groups and art groups, and on behalf of VAT-registered companies, such as hospitals and schools.

We asked those surveyed to leave additional comments and let us know ages of the Hama Beaders where possible. These included:

“Church group of primary-age youngsters — and myself of course”

“I am 48 years old”

“I’m 24 my child is 5”

“My child is 3 nearly 4. However I have really enjoyed doing it with her and find it so relaxing. I am 33!”

So when buying Hama Beads for the children in your lives, don’t forget that you need some too!

Hama Beads create bonds

In more than just the literal sense, Hama Beads help us feel a close connection with others.

This can be either through gifting personal, homemade creations to loved ones, or during the process of making Hama Beads designs as a group activity.

If you’ve watched children playing with Hama Beads, you’ll have seen them sharing, helping one another and even complimenting the each other’s work.

Hama Beads also encourage fluidity in conversation. This can be a tool that is particularly useful in enabling a troubled child to speak up about a problem. Due to the time spent on Hama Beads as an activity, people tend to become more comfortable with their surroundings and companions and may want to open up about their own thoughts and feelings.

Hama Beads bring mindfulness

Mindfulness has been proven to improve mental wellbeing by decreasing stress, preventing and treating illnesses, helping people cope, enhancing relationships and improving our ability to focus.

According to the NHS website:

“Paying more attention to the present moment – to your own thoughts and feelings, and to the world around you – can improve your mental wellbeing. Some people call this awareness ‘mindfulness’. Mindfulness can help us enjoy life more and understand ourselves better. You can take steps to develop it in your own life.”

That’s right. Adults should be Hama Beading too – particularly if you’re quite a restless person. We believe that creativity is one of the keys to unwinding and clearing your head.

If you like cross-stitch, sewing, painting, puzzles and adult colouring books, you ought to give little old Mini Hama Beads a go!

Hama Beads as therapy

If you’ve ever been unfortunate enough to have a hospital stay, we can only hope someone thought to bring you a big bucket of Hama Beads!

The stories we are told are wonderful, about how Hama Beads have helped people with dementia, Aspergers and autism to relax and switch off from their frustrations by putting their mind to something practical and creative.

What’s more, they are highly recommended for people with special needs and neurological deficits. For example, they can be used as a rehabilitation exercise for stroke and brain injury patients.

Hama Beads are clean

There will be no need for a bath after Hama Beads play. They do not stain clothes or damage materials.

At worst, a Hama Beads spillage can be hoovered up very easily. A tip if you do: use tights over the hoover pipe to collect up Hama Beads so they are not wasted!

Hama Beads are FUN!

And what better benefit is there than that?