75 FREE Designs

We have added 75 FREE design templates to our website!

There is now PDF document that can be downloaded for every single Pegboard in all three size ranges to give you some design inspiration.

Just print out the design and away you go!

Fantasy Horse PegboardDo you have the Fantasy Horse Pegboard?

Perhaps you have the Large Star PegboardLarge Star Pegboard

Dinosaur Maxi PegboardMaybe you have the Dinosaur Maxi Pegboard?

Or do you have the Small Hexagon Mini PegboardSmall Hexagon Mini Pegboard

You can see above just how fantastic each of the design templates are... and they’re ALL YOURS for free!

All you need to do is:

  • Find the Pegboard you have either using the search at the top of our website or by looking in the relevant section
  • Click on the product to view it
  • Click on the "Downloads" tab beneath the product image
  • Click the red button with the name of the product, followed by the words "design template"
  • A PDF file will download and open, which you can save to your computer, print and keep
  • Once you’ve created the design and ironed it using our instructions, make sure you share it with us using the social networks at the top and bottom of our website!

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