Art Competition

Win a bag of every Midi or Mini Beads colour

The winners of this competition will be given a choice to take home either Midi Beads - The Lot! or Mini Beads - The Lot!

Both sets include a bag of every current colour in the range, so it is up to you whether you prefer to use Midi Beads or Mini Beads.

It is our biggest prize ever – and there’s two to be won!

Midi Beads - The Lot! Mini Beads - The Lot!



Some of you have fantastic imaginations.

Like Leon Radford, for example, who shared his Hama Beads table topper with us on Facebook:

Leon Radford

“Got a new table/storage for the living room. So we beaded it. Gonna do something on the sides too.”

Also Leelo Rand, who contacted us by email to share his Hama Beads night light creation with us:

Leelo Rand

“As a present for my nine-year-old relative I wanted to make something Minecraft related. I found this idea from Pinterest. I ordered the smallest Hama beads (next time I would take bigger ones to make my life easier!) and made five cube sides from these beads. Then I used my 3D printer to print out a cube frame where I could stick the sides to. I glued some green led strips on the bottom and attached a USB cable to them for electricity. After gluing everything to place I got a pretty awesome night-lamp.”

How to enter the art competiton

We want to see how you’ve been creative with Hama Beads, too.

Share your work with us on social media using the hashtag:


on Facebook






and Instagram



before 31/01/2018.

Make sure you include your age if you, or the person you are entering on behalf of, is under 18.

There will be two lucky winners

One child (under 18 years old) and one adult will win the prize of their choice: Midi Beads - The Lot! or Mini Beads - The Lot! will choose the top three entries from adults and top 3 entries from children on 31/01/2018. Worldwide entries accepted.

A social media poll will follow to crown your winners!