Because we love you

There’s no reason, other than to show our appreciation to our customers, that we are giving you all 10% off your orders this month.

Throughout September, use the voucher code 10FOR50, to receive a 10% discount on any order over £50.


That’s 3,000 free Midi Beads straight away!

You can add 28 bags of 1,000 Midi Hama Beads to your order to reach the £50 threshold OR, you can add 31 bags of Midi Beads, and then use the 10FOR50 voucher code!

That’s 3,000 extra Hama Beads for free!

We know we don’t have to sell a voucher code to you, but we think it’s nice to know exactly what you’re getting.

And the more you spend, the better the deal.


Hurry! Ends this month

All good things must come to an end, and we certainly haven’t given an offer like this in... as long as we can remember!

So please, make use of this huge discount while it lasts, and get your orders in before midnight on Sunday 30th September 2018.


Tell your friends

Obviously, our discount is there as a big THANK YOU to our returning customers - but we don’t sniff at newcomers!

If you know someone who might like Hama Beads – whether they’re into crafting or jigsaws, or just find it difficult to sit down and do absolutely nothing – why not tell them about us and the 10FOR50 voucher code that we are offering this month?

Hama Beads are suitable for all ages, and they come in three different sizes:

  • Maxi Beads for pre-school age
  • Mini Beads for older children and adults (if they have the patience and stead fingers!)
  • Midi Beads – the regular size – for the majority, but recommended for ages 5+

For more information about the three different size ranges, visit our Midi, Maxi or Mini page.

Also, we try not to mention the “C bomb” too early... (Christmas that is...) but we are only a few weeks away (16 to be precise!) and we know from experience how many early birds there are amongst you.

Why not buy more for your money this year, by using the 10FOR50 discount code on gifts for your loved ones?

There’s plenty of Bead and Pegboard tubs in stock this year, as well as a large variety of sets, in all sizes, for all abilities, including our very popular Disney range.

Don’t forget, we’ve also got a discontinued stock sale on, which means, not only will you find discounts of up to half price, but you’ll also be given a further 10% off if you use our discount code 10FOR50.

We’re practically giving Hama Beads away!


Show us what you got

As ever, please share with us what you are making with your Hama Beads. We love to see excited faces and the unpacking of orders too!

Just tag us on any of our social media sites, which are linked at the top of our website and we’ll be really pleased to connect with you!