Bigger bags of beads

You’ve asked... (and asked and asked) for bigger bags of single colour beads.

So following our trial of various 6,000 Midi Beads in a Bag last year – when they sold like hot cakes – we have decided to permanently stock the most popular solid colours in 6,000 bags!


Your wish is our command

The new range is as follows:

6,000 White in a Bag 6,000 Cream in a Bag 6,000 Yellow in a Bag 6,000 Orange in a Bag 6,000 Red in a Bag 6,000 Pink in a Bag 6,000 Purple in a Bag 6,000 Blue in a Bag 6,000 Light Blue in a Bag 6,000 Green in a Bag  6,000 Light Green in a Bag6,000 Dark Brown in a Bag

 6,000 Grey Beads in a Bag 6,000 Black in a Bag 6,000 Flesh in a Bag 6,000 Beige in a Bag


White, Cream, Yellow, Orange, Red, Pink, Purple, Blue, Light Blue, Green, Light Green, Dark Brown, Grey, Black, Flesh and Beige.

We hope that the 6,000 bags of single colours will be of particular benefit to our talented pixel artist customers, as well as the various hospitals, schools, nurseries and children’s clubs we supply.


What’s new for the mixed bags?

Don’t worry, we’re keeping the 6,000 mixed bags too. And we have extended our range of 3,000 Beads in a Bag! You can now buy any of the 3,000 mixes below for less than they cost to buy in a tub.

3,000 Solid Mix in a Bag 3,000 Pastel Mix in a Bag 3,000 Neon Mix in a Bag 3,000 Translucent Mix in a Bag 3,000 Glitter Mix in a Bag