Dementia therapy

We received an email from one of our customers a few weeks ago, which was so heart-warming, we shared it on social media right away.

It received such a pleasant reaction that we wanted to make it into a blog on our page, for all our customers to see!


Hama Beads are enjoyed by all

Included in the email were photographs of the customer’s elderly father, who suffers with dementia, using Hama Beads.

Dementia therapy 1

Dementia therapy 2

Dementia therapy 3

"I wanted to share with you a photo of my 83 year old dad who has severe dementia enjoying Hama Beads. Doing this activity provides him with fantastic opportunities to use the parts of his brain that are still working. Even though he doesn't know his family, has little memory, is confused and needs so much support, he can focus on carefully using tweezers to place Hama Beads."

Do you know someone who could benefit?

Apart from when a tub of Hama Beads is upturned or – worse – a design is knocked off its pegs, Hama Beads can be very therapeutic!

We’ve heard all kinds of reports from you:

  • They make your little ones sit still (sort of)
  • They help people get through long-term and short-term hospital stays
  • They calm the unsteady hands of those with tremors
  • They occupy those with attention-deficits
  • They help busy people relax when sitting in front of the TV, in a similar way to puzzles, cross-stitch and adult colouring books
  • They encourage those with dementia to focus

Hama Beads are also wonderful in the classroom and when used as group activities. Click here for more information about the benefits of using Hama Beads in this way.