Free Hama Beads for your whole class!

Are you a teacher, parent, childminder or do you just know a few children? Then read on...

We want to get Hama Beads introduced to as many schools as possible, so we’re giving away 6,000 free Hama Beads with the voucher code CLASSMATE


How it works

Any child who tells their teacher, or club leader, etc. about, will receive a free bag of 3,000 Hama Beads and earn a second free bag of 3,000 Hama Beads for their classmates or peers, when the voucher code CLASSMATE is used at checkout.

All you need to be eligible is for the order to be delivered to a UK school, nursery or club (contact us if you’re not sure).


What colours will I get?

You may receive any of the following five colour mixes:

 3,000 Solid Mix 3,000 Pastel Mix 3,000 Neon Mix 3,000 Translucent Mix 3,000 Glitter Mix

If you like, you can request any of the four mixes in the Special Instructions section at checkout – but we can’t make any guarantees due to availability unfortunately.


Why are you giving us free stuff?

We think that it is important that all children are introduced to Hama Beads.

There are so many benefits to using them, including:

  • They are therapeutic
  • They help to improve co-ordination
  • They help to improve motor-skills
  • They encourage artistic flair and self-expression
  • They provide a sense of achievement
  • The are a rewarding treat
  • They are easily cleaned up

Hama Beads are a popular group activity, especially in classrooms, so schools and clubs order masses of Hama products because they are just so beneficial to them.

As there are three different size ranges available, Hama Beads are suitable for all ages and abilities – from pre-schoolers to adults – and they are gender-neutral too!

What’s more, they are highly recommended for people with special needs and neurological deficits. For example, they can be used as a rehabilitation exercise for stroke and brain injury patients.

We’ve put together a shop section especially for schools and clubs.

Remember that we also offer trade accounts for schools and clubs.


Hama Beads and mindfulness

Don’t forget that Hama Beads are for all ages, and they are particularly popular at the moment with the health and wellbeing community.

You probably know a little about mindfulness: that it’s about having a better awareness of the present moment, and your own thoughts and feelings – and that it is proven to benefit our lives in many ways.

Well, Hama Beads, can be a tool towards being more mindful.

We encourage you to read our Mindfulness blog to find out more about Hama Beads can help you and your family.

You can also purchase our Mindfulness Box Round and Mindfulness Box Square set here.