Hama Beads more often bought for adults!

We recently conducted a small survey amongst some of our customers at random and were quite surprised by the results.

The survey was only seven questions long, and six of those questions helped us find out just what we needed to know.

We decided, since we were asking people anyway, to add one more question…


The shocking truth

Question 7 went like this:

Who do you buy Hama Beads for? (You may tick more than one.)

The results came in, with a whopping 65% of the respondents saying themselves!

Just 44% said they buy Hama Beads for their children.

Bar graph

Other answers included ordering on behalf of family members and friends – including children of – ordering supplies for clubs, such as out of school groups and art groups, and on behalf of VAT-registered companies, such as hospitals and schools.


Grown-ups love Hama Beads too!

We asked those surveyed to leave additional comments and let us know ages of the Hama Beaders where possible. These included:

"Church group of primary-age youngsters -- and myself of course"

"I am 48 years old"

"I'm 24 my child is 5"

"My child is 3 nearly 4. However I have really enjoyed doing it with her and find it so relaxing. I am 33!"

All the time, we try to remind you as parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents and childminders that you should be buying Hama Beads for the children in your lives… But what about you?

You need some too!


The adult version of Hama Beads

At roughly half the size of regular Hama Beads, Mini Beads are the more sophisticated, adult version.

There’s puzzles, cross stitch, adult colouring books – all simple, creative activities that keep those of us with busy minds… well, busy.

Here’s just a few of the amazing creations that our customers have created using Mini Beads:

Customer creation using Mini Beads @awis_perlart Customer creation using Mini Beads @conderscraftsCustomer creation using Mini Beads @pixelbeadpictures Customer creation using Mini Beads @rikke_thomsen

So next time you’re in front of the TV trying to switch off (what’s that?), why not grab the Hama Beads stash and get to work?

You don’t have to iron it, so the littles ones will never know!

You might even like to buy your own... shop our Mini Beads section, just for you.

Mini Starter PackMini Starter Pack

You can buy yourself a little Starter Pack, like the one above, with a simple design. You could complete it in one evening while on the sofa with a glass of wine – but, watch the wine, else it will probably take quite a bit longer!

We bet you’ll find it very therapeutic.