Hama Beads storage heaven

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                 Well, hamabeads.com has got you covered…

                 How many different colour Hama Beads do you have at home?

                 Eight different colours?




                Never have trouble sorting and storing your Hama Beads again!

Bags of Hama Beads


Storage boxes for beads

We’ve added two new items to our Hama accessories range:

“Finally” we hear you say!

If your collection of colours is larger than one box is able to carry, why not buy another? They stack together really neatly.

 Storage Box - 8 Compartments

Clear plastic storage box containing eight compartments of various sizes with a lid. Six of of the compartments holds at least 1,000 Midi Beads (pictured) and the other two compartments will hold even more.


Storage Box - 17 Containers

Clear plastic storage box with a lid and 17 removable containers. Each container comes with its own lid and holds 1,000 Midi Beads perfectly (pictured).