Hopping into Easter

The Easter Bunny comes to visit in just over three weeks and, if you’re anything like us, you can’t wait for the festivities to begin!


April 16th 2017 - Easter Sunday

Children's crafts

There’s something special about Easter, which makes it different to all the other holidays.

It’s far less pressure than Christmas, there’s still plenty of food involved and the weather is much finer.

And the crafting opportunities are just as plentiful!

We at hamabeads.com encourage all children to get together around the table in the coming weeks, to make some fabulous homemade crafts ready for Easter Sunday on April 16.


Easter craft ideas

The best way to get started is with our Easter Designs Pack 2017 edition.

For £11.50, it includes everything listed in the picture below:

Easter Designs Pack 2017

Other craft ideas include:

  • Sticking Hama Beads to plain card to create Easter greeting cards
  • Gluing Easter Bunnies and Chicks to signs to decorate Easter egg hunts
  • Adding string to Hama Beads eggs and hanging them from tree branches


What you will need

Head to our Easter Collection for everything needed to make your crafts, including:

Easter Pegboards

Egg, Rabbit & Chicken Pegboards

Hama Beads in Pastel Mix

Hama Beads in Pastel Mix

Ironing Paper

Ironing Paper


Books containing Easter design ideas



Keep an eye out on our Facebook page, facebook.com/hamabeadsdotcom, in the run-up to Easter as we will be posting our Easter Giveaway very soon!