How-to Hama video

In the excitement over New For 2018 products, we wanted to check in with you and find out what your favourite new products are.

Within the first month, we sold out of (and have already restocked) the following:

12,000 Bead & Pegboard Storage

3D Planes Set

Speed Set

Garden Critter Maxi Tub

12,000 Storage 3D Planes Speed Garden Critters Maxi Tub

Unboxing: Magical Charms Set

One very successful Youtuber and Hama fan, Miss Artie Craftie, decided to vlog the unboxing of one of our brand new products, and post it to her 18,000+ subscribers!

To see what’s inside the Magical Charms Set and what you can do with it, watch the video below:


We’d think it’s a really good example for beginners of how to use Hama Beads, so we have added it to our website’s How To page for future reference.


Other 2018 products in action

We were delighted to see @gel777rich on Instagram had created this huge mandala design using the new connectable hexagon pegboards!


Please send us your photos of your little ones playing with the new products at home! We’d love to see them in action.

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