More Hama beads!?

In our effort to give our customers what they want, we have been carefully looking at our orders from you, to see which products sell more often than others.

We discovered that, mostly, you just want the bread and butter items:

Lots of Hama beads and lots of pegboards.


So we’ve extended our range

We’ve taken that on board what you want, and have extended our range!

We’ve introduced eight new lines of storage sets and tubs containing assortments of both Hama beads and pegboards.

4,000 Beads & Pegboards Pink Tub4,000 Beads & Pegboards Pink Tub

4,000 Beads & Pegboards Yellow Tub4,000 Beads & Pegboards Yellow Tub

6,000 Beads & Pegboards Red Tray6,000 Beads & Pegboards Red Tray

6,000 Beads & Pegboards Green Tray6,000 Beads & Pegboards Green Tray

4,000 Beads Pegboards Red Tub7,000 Beads & Pegboards Red Tub

7,000 Beads & Pegboards Blue Tub7,000 Beads & Pegboards Blue Tub

16,000 Beads Pegboards Blue Tub16,000 Beads & Pegboards Blue Tub

16,000 Beads & Pegboards Yellow Tub16,000 Beads & Pegboards Yellow Tub


If you like those...

The decision was made based on sales over the past six months.

Despite it having been Christmas and our huge half price winter sale, which was the biggest sale we have ever had, our bestsellers were not the hugely discounted packs and sets.

What we sold most (besides single pegboards and single packs of Hama beads) was anything containing lots of beads, pegboards and storage:

Storage SetsIncluding the 9,600 Beads TrayStorage Box - 8 CompartmentsStorage Box - 17 Compartments10,000 Beads & Pegboards Bucket30,000 Everything Mix Bucket and, of course, the brand new 6,000 Beads & Pegboards Storage and 12,000 Beads & Pegboards Storage.


Coming soon

Our plans don’t stop there!

We’re soon extending the number of colours available in 6,000 Beads in a Bag, as well as introducing new 600 Maxi Beads Tubs in all four colour mixes!

If there’s anything else you’d really love to be able to buy, please let us know by contacting us or on social media using the links at the top and bottom of our website.