New Hama Beads for 2018

New bead colours?   ... check ✓

New connectable pegboard?   ... check ✓

New storage options?   ... check ✓

New Midi sets?   ... check ✓

New Maxi?   ... check ✓

New Mini?   ... check ✓

Welcome to the New For 2018 collection.


New bead colours

1,000 Tan 1,000 Brown

Finally! Two new shades of brown!

The more eagle-eyed/keen beaders among you will have already noticed that we’ve refreshed the Hama Beads colour names, to make their descriptions more accurate.

(We also noticed a lot of the shades now reference food... now you know what occupies the brains at HQ.)

This made way for the naming of two new Midi Beads and Mini Beads colours: Tan & Brown.

They’re those in-betweeny shades of brown that you’ve always been asking for!


New connectable pegboard

Medium Hexagon Pegboard Medium Hexagon Pegboard Medium Hexagon & Large Square Pegboard

Not just any pegboard – a connectable one!

The new Medium Hexagon Pegboard connects with its own kind to make designs as big as you want,

But the best thing about the new pegboard is that it also connects with the Large Square Pegboard and Large Transparent Square Pegboard.


New storage options

6,000 Storage6,000 Storage12,000 Storage12,000 Storage

Last year we brought out the 8-part and 17-part Storage Boxes and they immediately shot up to being among our most popular products.

This year, new storage boxes have been released, prepacked with Midi Beads, Pegboards and designs.

They even have a carry-case handle to make it easy to travel with.

Choose from two sizes: 6,000 Bead & Pegboard Storage or 12,000 Bead & Pegboard Storage.


New Midi Sets

3D Planes 3D Dogs Speed Magical Charms Love Birds

Our favourite newcomers of them all are the two additions to the 3D range: Make model 3D planes and 3D dogs!

There’s also Speed, satisfying all those requests for motorbikes and racing cars, Magical Charms, to make jewellery and a photo frame using Hama Beads, and even a Love Birds set – just in time for Valentines Day.


New Maxi

Garden Critters Maxi Tub Garden Critters Maxi Tub  Maxi Book 17

A new Maxi Tub to make garden critters and a brand new design ideas Book, especially for children of pre-school age.



Charms Mini Tub Charms Mini Tub Charms Mini Tub

A new Mini Tub to make all kinds of jewellery and charms – perfect for any keen crafter with a steady hand!

New items may be added to the range throughout 2018, so keep up to date with us on social media – linked at the top of every page.