Pegboards from just £1

It’s hard to give good special offers and discounts on our website, because our prices are already so competitive.

But we try our best anyway!

You will always find us with something up our sleeve to keep Hama beaders happy.

At the moment, not only do we have a competition to win 50 bags of Hama Beads (runner up wins 20 and third place wins 10, by the way), a 3 for 2 offer on both 1,000 Midi Beads and 2,000 Mini Beads for our newsletter subscribers, but we have also just launched a sale!


Pegboards sale £1 each

We’re discontinuing lots of our shaped pegboards, including the elephant, giraffe and lion to name a few.

So now’s your chance to stock up your family’s pegboard collection with all the shapes!

And don’t worry; we still have loads of pegboards that we’re keeping.

Pegboard sale £1 each


Maxi pegboards £1.50 each

We’ve always previously stocked the entire range of maxi beads pegboards – the largest size Hama Beads - but it seemed that the extra choice was unnecessary.

So, again, we’re keeping the most popular maxi pegboards and giving you the rest at a reduced price!

Find the Ship Maxi Pegboard, Princess Maxi Pegboard and Teddy Bear Maxi Pegboard on sale, to name a few.

Maxi Pegboard sale £1.50 each 

Mini set sale £5 each

Like maxi beads, mini beads are an alternative size range, and the bags of 2,000 mini beads just fly out of our warehouse like there’s no tomorrow!

However, we’ve found that those with the patience and co-ordination to use mini Hama beads prefer to work free-hand, creating incredible pieces of unique pixel art, rather than following ready-made designs.

We love the mini sets because they make great gifts and are ideal for older Hama Beads beginners. So we are simply reducing our offering, and selling all our Mini Sets off at £5.


Mini Set sale £5 each


Other discounted & discontinued items

Call it a late spring clean, if you like.

The old Hama beads sets have to go to make way for the new ones. So until they’re clear, you can bag yourself and your loved ones a fantastic deal.

We’re talking sets containing 1,000 Hama Beads, a Pegboard, Ironing Paper and designs for just £3!

Or 4,000 Hama Beads, 3 pegboards, Ironing Paper and designs for £10!

Remember; once they’re gone, they’re gone.


Discounted & discontinued

The fun with Hama Beads continues

Once the designs have been ironed, it’s not all over!

It is so fun to create backdrops and settings for Hama Bead characters, like we did in our previous blog: Storytime with Hama

We made pegboard sets for just this reason. Pick your set, and create storyboards using the theme you have chosen!

Check out our newest pegboard sets below:

Animals Pegboard Set

Animals Pegboard Set

Family Pegboard Set

Family Pegboard Set

Mystical Pegboard Set

Mystical Pegboard Set

Wildlife Pegboard Set

Wildlife Pegboard Set

3 for 2 offer and competition

Don’t forget, you’ve only got a couple more weeks to enter our #HamaPixelPortraits competition, for a chance to win 10, 20 or 50 bags of Hama Beads!

The entries so far have blown us away and we can’t wait to see yours!

And have you used your 3 for 2 voucher code on Hama Beads yet? It expires at the end of the month, so you’ve got to be quick to save £££s!