Production process for large designs

The following picture is made of 84,100 Mini Beads, using 100 Large Square Mini Pegboards:

Lion King

It is the work of Лириан Ковесвей, from Russia, who’s husband sent it to us via email.

It took about 200 hours of work in total, from placing the beads, to ironing and framing the design.


Production process:

Stock up on Hama Beads

Step 1

Stock up on Hama Beads, of course! This project used both Mini Beads and Large Square Pegboards - Pack of Two, which can be clipped together to make bigger designs.

Sort your Hama Beads

Step 2

Sort your Hama Beads into separate colours. Our Storage Boxes will help you with this.

Create the design

Step 3

Create the design, one pegboard at a time. This customer printed off a pixelated version of the image she wanted to follow and used tweezers to help place the Mini Beads on to the pegboard.

Iron each square using Ironing Paper

Step 4

Iron each square using Ironing Paper and instructions from our How To page. Lay them out to see your design as it comes together.

Iron all the squares together to create one large design

Step 5

Once the design is made and ironed, you can either glue the edges of the squares together (as this customer did), or you can gently iron the edges of each square to fuse the Hama Beads together, taking care not to over-iron!