The Beckhams do Hama Beads

They’re only one of the most fashion-forward, iconic and admirable families in the world – and they do Hama Beads in their spare time.

Who doesn’t want to be a Beckham?

After school activities with mummy

Like many families, it looks as though Victoria Beckham enjoys getting crafty during special one-to-one time after school with her six-year-old daughter, Harper.

On Thursday, December 7, she posted a photo on her Instagram story, @victoriabeckham, of Harper doing Hama Beads, with the caption “After school activities With mummy X”

 @victoriabeckham - Instagram

We hope there wasn't any spillages!

Update: Harper’s creations

On Sunday, December 10, Victoria updated her Instagram story with a photo of Harper’s Hama Beads creations.

Victoria Beckham