Threading tutorial

We recently posted this:

Daniela Wallace

"Share your work Wednesday: Daniela Wallace has only 20% eyesight in just one eye, but has managed to create this large space design by threading Hama Beads! Phenomenal!"

The response was that you wanted to know more about the threading technique for Hama Beads.


Happy to oblige

If you haven’t already got yourself a copy, Book 15: New Ways With Hama, is the perfect guide for threading Hama Beads and other 3D Hama projects.

Book 15

The retro ones amongst you may even be able to hunt out an old copy of discontinued Book 4 for some guidance!

Book 4 

And if you don’t want to go spending – or would rather save your money for buying Hama Beads (am I right?) – just watch our tutorial videos below, with step-by step instructions on how to make this cute little napkin ring:

Napkin ring Napkin ring


Threading Hama Beads Part 1

Part 1 guides you through how to start off your threading.

  1. Loop the thread through one Hama Bead and knot it, then cut off the extra.
  2. Thread through four more beads (or more, if you are making something different), separating the last bead slightly.
  3. Next, thread back through the third bead and add a new bead afterwards.
  4. Thread back through the first bead. Two rows are now completed.
  5. Add another new bead, again, separating it slightly as you return back.
  6. Repeat the steps, also using the video and the graphic below as a guide. The beads should appear staggered like bricks.


Threading Hama Beads


Threading Hama Beads Part 2

Part 2 shows how to connect the two ends to form a ring.

  1. To finish, thread through the two beads at the opposite end, ensuring that all the beads slot in beside one other correctly.
  2. Loop the thread back through the final bead and knot it, then cut off the extra.


Threading top tips

Threading Hama Beads Threading Hama Beads Threading Hama Beads

In this video, we used a tapestry needle, because it is blunter than a standard sewing needle.

A 120mm thread was used for this napkin ring.

In this video, we completed the napkin ring with a small Hama Beads heart, ironed in the traditional way, then stitched on to the napkin ring at the very end.