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When and why did you first start making your art?

I’ve always been very artistic and enjoyed craft based projects. Fuse beads is something I did as a kid; when it popped up on my Pinterest a couple of years ago I got really nostalgic and dived back in.

What inspires your artwork?

I’m a Disney nut; I love the characters, the songs, the art that goes into them and I love turning iconic movie moments, that I grew up with, into art. To look at something and immediately hear piece of music or a line from the film run through my head just transports me back to being a kid.

What’s the biggest piece you’ve ever made?

My biggest piece is a scene from Beauty and the Beast; it was 60 boards and took ages to get the scale how I wanted it. I didn’t want to loose too much detail so I resized it bigger 3 times.

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