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When and why did you first start making your art?

The first time I made something using Perler beads was in 2011. It was also when I discovered they even existed. My best friend who was a children’s librarian at the time knows that I enjoy ironing clothes and making things and said that this would be perfect for me. Ten years later and I can’t say she wasn’t telling the truth. 

What is your art workspace like?

My bed. I don’t have bins with beads ready to go. I just grab my warped and peg missing peg board, a bucket with all my beads and hopefully some bagged ones, lay in my bed, and get started. 

What are the tools of your trade?

My busted peg board, parchment paper from the grocery store, and an old pair of tweezers. In the ten years I’ve been making things I have used three peg boards. I discovered well into making Perler bead designs that there were all kinda devices to create designs but I like to keep it as simple for myself as possible. Use my hand for regular sized beads and tweezers for mini beads. That’s a whole ‘nother thing. I can’t even picture myself sitting up and making something. 

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