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What inspires your artwork?

The most attractive part of doing beadwork for me comes through the theory of emergence. This is the theory of how very basic building blocks, when arranged in a specific way, can result in structures that is more than just the sum of its parts. This can be an ant colony, the ripple patterns on a sand dune or conciseness itself. In my day job as a geneticist these building blocks are the nucleotides that make up the DNA/RNA molecules of life. In my art the beads are the blocks and with roughly 200 different colours they make up a pattern that can only be seen if you take a step back.

I draw inspiration from feminism, the LGBTQ+ community and science. Often a mix of them. I make original work and I riff on great pieces from other artists and disciplines.

Do you have a dream project you’d love to make, but just can’t justify yet?

I’ve been asked this before in interviews and joking said a wall sized recreation of “The pillars of creation”. Well now it’s bouncing around in there and I kinda think it would be an amazing project.

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