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Can you talk us through your creative process? How do you go about planning and creating a piece?

There are times that I am lucky and I am very clear about it, other times no image convinces me. When I find one that I really like, I always start to shape it from the outside, until it is closed, then I start with the color, the disadvantage or the advantage is that the program that I use, which is called gimp, does not give a number of pieces, neither size nor color, sometimes I have to disassemble large parts until I find the colors that I like, but that has also made me learn a lot from them, there are colors that at first glance do not seem to fit, but since they do . The issue of shading a pixelated image is also complex and I almost always have to modify it, since everything in pixel changes, but as I say all that has helped me to have more experience and patience.

What are your favourite experiences you’ve had as a result of your art?
My experiences are not mine, they belong to all the people who support what I do, who send me a photo with a job that they liked. People who start in the pixel world because they have discovered it by what you do, I am only a small part of all this. A hug to all those children, great artists that are all over the world!

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