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Midi, Mini or Maxi?

Hama Beads come in three size ranges. The original and regular size is Midi Hama Beads.

Suitability depends on the ability and preference of the individual, and the following recommended ages are to be used only as a guide.

Of course, there are benefits of using Hama Beads at any age!

Please note that Hama Beads and pegboards from different size ranges are not compatible with each other.

Midi Hama Beads

Undoubtedly the bestselling size, Midi Hama Beads are the original and regular Hama Beads range.

They are 5mm in length and diameter, with an inside diameter of 2mm – roughly the size of a ladybird.

Midi Hama Beads are suitable for ages 5+, but are often a preferred size for older children and adults too.

If you’ve used Hama Beads before, this is the size you’re likely to have used.

Younger people who use Midi Hama Beads may find it easier to follow a design, or to use a shaped pegboard as a guide.

With experience, people become more creative with Hama Beads. We have seen some very big and imaginative designs!

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Mini Hama Beads

The smallest size Hama Beads are Mini Hama Beads, requiring steady fingers and perhaps tweezers, if you’ve got some handy!

They are 2mm in length, with a 2mm diameter and 1mm inside diameter – about the same size as a grain of rice.

Mini Hama Beads are designed for ages 10+, but are sometimes even too fiddly for adults.

As a result of their tiny size, Mini Hama Beads produce the most detailed designs.

People who use Mini Hama Beads tend to like sewing, painting, jigsaw puzzles and adult colouring books.

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Maxi Hama Beads

Designed specifically for toddlers, Maxi Hama Beads are recommended for children aged 3 to 4 years old.

They are 10mm in length and diameter, with an inside diameter of 5mm – that’s about the size of your thumb nail.

Maxi Hama Beads are a learning tool for children of pre-school age, and provide a stepping stone towards using Midi Hama Beads as they get older.

Although they are larger than other Hama Beads, young children must always be supervised when using Maxi Hama Beads as they are a relatively small toy.

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