How to use Hama Beads

The traditional way to use Hama Beads is by placing them one-by-one onto the pegs of a Hama Pegboard. Once the desired pattern is created – and every bead is beside another – the design is then fused together using Ironing Paper and an iron.

Ironing Step 1Ironing Step 2Ironing Step 3

Ironing instructions

  • Place Ironing Paper over the completed design on the Pegboard
  • The exact temperature may vary from iron to iron, but the “cotton” setting is generally recommended
  • Apply the iron to the Ironing Paper for a few seconds using smooth, circular movements – never hold the iron completely still
  • TipAfter having applied the iron for a short period, the colour of the Hama Beads will suddenly be more clearly visible through the Ironing Paper; this means that the ironing process has finished
  • Carefully remove the Ironing Paper, but leave the ironed design to cool for a couple of minutes before removing it from the Pegboard
  • If necessary, repeat the process
Please note that ironing must be done by an adult or a supervised child and Hama Pegboards will not warp if the above instructions are followed.

See Hama Beads in action