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When and why did you first start making your art?

I started in 2013. I was at a comic convention and saw someone was selling mini bead sprites based on Nintendo games and couldn’t resist getting a Mario one. At home later on I looked up how to make them, and thought “I could do that”. I started off with videogame sprites, with the intent of making some nice art for my games room. When I inevitably ran out of wallspace, I didn’t want to stop making art, so started selling.

What are your favourite experiences you’ve had as a result of your art?

I think I’m lucky to have had a lot of great experiences. Having my art hang in galleries was amazing, as was being asked to display it in pubs and bars. I love that my local arcade has some of my art on display! I really get a kick out of people seeing my art and reacting to it. A few years ago I was able to get some of my art signed by the original (co-)creators – John Wagner signed a Judge Dredd piece I made, and Kevin Eastman signed a TMNT piece. As a fan, it was great to see their reaction to someone’s art based on their creations!

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