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Do you remember the first piece you made?

I do indeed remember the very first thing I made. It was a Doom logo. That was before I knew of the masking tape method and I totally destroyed it when I attempted to iron it.  

Do you use any software/apps to design your art?

I use 8 bit photo lab to make designs.

What are your favourite experiences you’ve had as a result of your art?

My favorite experience I’ve had as a result of my artwork was selling artwork to the creator of Doom himself, John Romero. I recreated his head on a stake, as seen in Doom 2. I posted it on the Doom fan page on Facebook that I am an admin of, and his wife Brenda contacted me. I shipped it off to Ireland, and he later tagged me on IG with it. Definitely one of my proudest moments. Gregor Punchatz, an artist hired by id Software to create sculptures for the Arch-vile, Mancubus, Revenant, and Spider Mastermind, is another one of my best customers. 

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