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What’s the biggest piece you’ve ever made?

Without a doubt, that would be Project Springfield. A 40-square-foot recreation of The Simpsons’ hometown, featuring 54 locations and 166 characters. I worked on it for nearly two years. Of course I made a lot of other projects in that time like art pieces but also writing/directing original musical productions in NYC, making short films, as well as getting married, but Springfield was always in the background coming together piece by piece.

What is your art workspace like?
A smooth, clean white table with the beads sorted into drawers by color. Stacks of sticky notes surround my desk, all filled with ideas for future projects. Camera set up overhead to capture my process for videos. I set up my studio in the basement of the new house so it’s been nice and cool this summer. Something I’m very grateful for when working with my iron or hot glue gun.

What are the tools of your trade?
So much more than just Perler Beads! There’s the parchment paper and iron I use to fuse them together on the pegboards and I usually end up mounting my pieces onto canvases that I paint myself. Hot glue does the trick and sometimes pieces involve magnets, pins, or pieces of black foam core for multiple layers. There’s my camera and microphone for video purposes. Then I have a bunch of colorful markers handy because I like to draw little pictures or surprises on the packages of pieces I’m sending out to buyers.

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