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When and why did you first start making your art?
February 2020. Before the shutdown of the world, my 5-year-old son saw a perler beaded Shy Guy and decided that was going to be his Valentine to his Kindergarten classmates.  Two weeks and 25 Shy Guys later, I was hooked.

Can you talk us through your creative process? How do you go about planning and creating a piece?
Once my son has decided on what I am doing next, I look for images on the internet of the character.  Typically, I focus on images that have limited shading, then I manipulate them to look painted with exaggerated highlights and shadows.  Photoshop is used to pixelate the picture and then I make corrections as needed.  While I am beading, I am always adjusting and making slight changes.  If I am creating one of my “box top” pictures, I will complete and iron the character before adding/creating the edge pieces. 

Have you had any art-related disasters?
Haven’t we all?  I have a kitten now and I am low-key freaking out about what that means for my next project.

What was your most recent project?

Steamboat Willie (Mickey).  It was a birthday gift for my brother, and I was pleasantly surprised how it turned out.  I hope to do more of the 3D wall art style going forward. 

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