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When and why did you first start making your art? 

I first started with my daughters, I had bought them some beads on a whim for Christmas, I then realized I had a ton of fun making them myself. One thing led to another and as I got into looking for more patterns online I found some very intricate projects… the rest is history!

What are the tools of your trade? 

Perler brand tweezers (a must!!) I also have both a large Cricut as well as a mini Cricut (expensive but also a must!)
Just standard masking tape and patience after that. Oh yeah, I also work exclusively using HAMA brand beads.

Anything else to share? Shoutouts, words of wisdom etc? 

Please feel free to reach out, I love to collaborate. Please feel free to use any of my designs and improve upon them if you think they could use it! 
(Just tag me in the comments so I can see the results).

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