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What inspires your artwork? 

I’ve been a huge video gamer all my life. I love making those type of based projects. I enjoy making big pieces with lots of detail & color. I make most of my designs using Microsoft Paint & lately I’ve been doing a lot of freehanding of work.

Do you have a dream project you’d love to make, but just can’t justify yet? 

I have a Megaman X & Zero based wall in my artroom. I’m planning to add to that wall to complete it to have it finished as been a goal dream of mine.

Anything else to share? Shoutouts, words of wisdom etc? 

I get told often I wished I could be like you to make such huge projects. I encourage everyone never to give up keep your chin up. I make mistakes I’m not perfect you learn from your mistakes. This is a hobby to enjoy. Sometimes you’ll get frustrated with a piece take a step back & go back at it you got this!!! Bless you all Thank you Nick Picnikperlers1

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