7,200 Midi Hama Beads & Pegboards Blue Set


Set of 7,200 Midi Hama Beads, Dragon and Medium Hexagon Pegboards, 6 Midi Beads Supports, String, 2 Press Pegboards, Press Pen, design sheet, Ironing Paper & instructions.

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This reusable storage set comes with approximately 7,200 Midi Hama Beads in the following colours: White, Cream, Yellow, Red, Navy, Green, Black, Chestnut, Blush, Beige, Coral, Lime, Turquoise, Light Grey, Dark Grey, Brown & Striped Mix.

Plus a Dragon Pegboard, Medium Hexagon Pegboard, six Midi Hama Beads Supports, string, two shaped Press Pegboards and a Press Pen.

Contains a design sheet to create two different dragons, a robot, panda, koala, roller skater and more.

Also includes Ironing Paper and instructions.

Midi Beads have a 5mm diameter and are the regular size Hama Beads.

Additional information

Weight500 g
Dimensions41 × 32 × 6 cm
Bead quantity

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