Maxi Hama Beads Design Inspiration Storybook


Book of Maxi Hama Beads designs to recreate.

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Design inspiration for Maxi Hama Beads, using a storybook theme. The first 12 pages are the story, and the next 30 pages are the designs for the characters, to bring the story to life.

Lay pegboards over the designs to create them.

Pegboards used within this book are:

Maxi Girl
Maxi Aeroplane
Maxi Dog
Maxi Boy
Maxi Dinosaur
Maxi Truck
Maxi Teddy Bear
Maxi Elephant
Maxi Butterfly
Maxi Car
Maxi Ship
Maxi Turtle
Maxi Duck
Maxi Whale
Maxi Monkey
Maxi Clown
Maxi Square
Maxi Heart

Accessories used within this book are:

Maxi Beads Supports
Ironing Paper

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Dimensions21 × 23 × 1 cm

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