Midi Hama Beads Design Inspiration Book 12


Book of Midi Hama Beads designs to recreate.

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Design inspiration for Midi Hama Beads, including smiley faces, glow in the dark designs and seasonal designs, across 68 pages.

Pegboards used within this book are: Square, Round, Hexagon, Heart, Star, Small Square, Small Round, Small Hexagon, Small Heart, Teddy Bear, Dog, Cat, Monkey, Flower, Butterfly, Ostrich, Giraffe, Camel, Elephant, Horse, Lion, Princess, House, Crocodile, Frog, Penguin, Dolphin, Squirrel, Hippopotamus, Egg, Dragon, Teenage Girl.

Accessories used within this book are: Mobile Rings, Midi Beads Supports, Ironing Paper.

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