Hama Beads for Schools & Clubs

Hama Beads for schools & clubs

Schools and clubs order masses of Hama products because they are just so beneficial to them.

As there are three different size ranges available, Hama Beads are suitable for all ages and abilities – from pre-schoolers to adults – and they are gender-neutral too!

What’s more, they are highly recommended for people with special needs and neurological deficits. For example, they can be used as a rehabilitation exercise for stroke and brain injury patients.

Hama Beads are a popular group activity, especially in classrooms, because they…

  • are therapeutic
  • help to improve co-ordination
  • help to improve motor-skills
  • encourage artistic flair and self-expression
  • provide a sense of achievement
  • are a rewarding treat
  • are easily cleaned up

Visit our Mini, Maxi or Mini? page to learn more about the three different size ranges and the type of people they are designed to suit.

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