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Schools & Hospitals

Trade account service

We are happy to work with UK-based hospitals, schools and registered clubs by offering a trade account service. Please contact us if you would like to register or find out more about this.

Please note that trade accounts do not receive special pricing. Visit our Terms & Conditions page for further information.

Hama Beads for schools

There are many benefits of using Hama Beads, which is why schools, nurseries and children’s clubs return to us regularly to top-up their supplies.

Hama Beads are a timeless and popular activity for children, because they are suitable for all ages and abilities – from toddlers to adults – and they are gender-neutral too!

It’s the ideal creative group activity in the classroom because Hama Beads:

  • are therapeutic
  • help to improve coordination and motor skills
  • help with counting, colours and shapes
  • encourage artistic flair and self-expression
  • provide a sense of achievement
  • are a popular and rewarding treat
  • are easily cleaned up
  • Hama Beads for hospitals

    We supply to vast number of histology labs in pathology departments at hospitals.

    The following is a description of the method for using Hama Beads within a histology lab, kindly provided by one of our many hospital-based customers:

    “We use Hama Beads in our histology lab to label work done by different individuals, so each member of staff has their own colour bead assigned to them. We have to label each individual’s work for auditing purposes.

    Hama Beads are used in our lab during the ‘embedding’ process – when a small, human tissue sample is placed into wax to make a solid wax block. From this block, very thin slices (2-3 micrometres in thickness) are cut and analysed under a microscope. Members of staff in our lab always drop their individual colour Hama Bead into the wax block before it sets to identify it as their own work.

    When a member of staff leaves or a new member starts, the list of assigned bead colours is updated – but never overwritten. The blocks are stored in case further analysis is required from them in the future. Having the bead embedded in the block tells us who originally carried out the work, no matter how long ago it was done.

    Hama Beads help our lab run more efficiently, so we recommend other pathology departments use this simple and cheap method too.”