Maxi Packs & Sets

Everything in this section contains exactly what’s needed to get a young child started with Hama Beads in one package, including Maxi Beads, Maxi Pegboards and Ironing Paper.

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  1. Bumper Maxi Bucket
    Bumper Maxi Bucket
    Product Code: 8804
  2. Aeroplane Maxi Pack
    Aeroplane Maxi Pack
    Product Code: 8918
  3. Rocking Horse Maxi Pack
    Rocking Horse Maxi Pack
    Product Code: 8921
  4. Princess Maxi Pack
    Princess Maxi Pack
    Product Code: 8928
  5. Teddy Bear Maxi Set
    Teddy Bear Maxi Set
    Product Code: 8761
  6. Dog Maxi Set
    Dog Maxi Set
    Product Code: 8762
    Special Price £5.00 Regular Price £7.75
  7. Heart Maxi Set
    Heart Maxi Set
    Product Code: 8772
  8. Garden Critters Maxi Tub
    Garden Critters Maxi Tub
    Product Code: 8744
  9. Lion Maxi Set
    Lion Maxi Set
    Product Code: 8714
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