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When and why did you first start making your art? 

I have always been crafty and I love experimenting with new things and mediums. I started playing with beads in 2019, when I purchased a bit tub of the IKEA ones to use with my daughter, as she was using them in kindergarten. We really ramped up production of small ornaments at the beginning of the pandemic and I realised I loved the act of placing the beads on the pegboard and counting them on the pattern – I found it very therapeutic in a very turbulent time. Since then it has been become my main creative outlet and stress reliever! 

What inspires your artwork?

A lot of my work gets inspiration from nature and art, especially stained glass. I love transforming cross-stitch into bead art.

What’s the most time you’ve spent on a project?

I am not sure to be honest – I tend to work on my pieces in the evening after my daughter goes to bed, so I split my work over several days and I do not keep count of hours. Maybe the lampshade I made for my daughter’s room – it has over 70 stars and it took quite a bit to make all of them, also because it was quite repetitive. But the result is stunning if I may say that myself. 

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